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Now you can have SUPERHUMAN vision!!

Seeing clearly at all distances without glasses or contact lenses is a goal for many of us, and that goal is fast becoming a reality. Now new technology is introduced to clear your vision. Know more..

Babies attention 40% more to high-pitch baby voice.

Babies pays 40% more attention to the high-pitch baby voice. know the interesting science behind it.


How to identify death??

From many ways death can reach to you. Can you really identify the death. See how !!


50,000 word novel without the letter ‘E’

There is a novel of 50,000 word but doesn't contain a single letter "e". Let's know about it.


Is DNA as a Hard Drive possible??

DNA can be used as a hard drive to store big data. Know about it.


Earth has also two moons!!!

Does Earth have two moons? What's the fact behind it.


Truth behind the “truth telling” drugs. 

Know what is truth telling drug.


Jiffy – real unit of time

Nobody knows about actual unit if time. Let's learn about it.


123456 is the most common password.

Most common passwords and how to choose safe passwords.


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