Now you can have SUPERHUMAN vision!!

Struggling with imperfect vision is very painful. There are many ways to fix the problem of eye vision. LASIK is the most popular one for long term solution. However it leaves risk of cataract in future. For a half century, ophthalmic surgeons have envisioned an intraocular lens capable of restoring eyesight at all distances. Ocumetics Technology Corporation was founded to achieve this goal.

8 minute to clear vision

The product of eight years of research and $3 million in funding, the Ocumetics Bionic Lens is said to require a painless 8-minute in-office procedure that requires no anesthesia.

To put it in, the specialist folds up the custom-made lens like a tiny taco to fit it into a saline-filled syringe. Next, he or she uses the syringe to place it in your eye through a super-small (2.7 mm) incision, then leaves it there to unravel over about 10 seconds. Then you’re done!

Why Bionic Lens??

With age, the naturally occurring crystalline lens of the eye undergoes changes that make it cloudier and become a cataract. As a cataract, not only does it cause visual acuity and quality of vision deteriorate, there may also be a release of toxic agents from the cataractous lens into the anterior chamber of the eye.  These substances have the potential to induce glaucoma and damage the endothelial cell layer of the cornea, which is necessary for the cornea to remain clear. The Bionic LensTM  is constructed of inert biocompatible polymeric materials that do not cause such adverse biophysical changes within the eye.

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Sources:Curiosity, Ocumetics



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